basketball on a court

Last week, the men’s college basketball tournament began, and pretty much everyone’s bracket has been affected by some sort of nuclear blast. Such is the life, with 6 upsets on Thursday alone, including two 12 over 5 seed upsets. If your bracket is still perfect, you are probably a wizard, because less than 6 brackets are still perfect at this point. Let’s hope you didn’t put too much money on your overall pick…

Now the Sweet 16 begins, and here are 10 tips for watching the next round of play:

  1. Remember that chicken wings will never get upset by a lesser team and break your heart. Just sayin’.
  2. Watching games that don’t include your team can help you decompress. Root for an underdog while you calm down with a beer.
  3. If you’re a pacer (no pun intended, IU fans!) or a shrieker, just be sure that no one is too close before you break glass.
  4. Don’t go hungry. Count all the dunks you see in one game and order that many chicken wings. You’ll thank us later.
  5. If your team is done, check out one of the Top 10 Players to Watch that are still in the running for some extra excitement:
    1. Buddy Hield, Oklahoma (Thurs)
    2. Grayson Allen, Duke (Thurs)
    3. Josh Hart, Villanova (Thurs)
    4. Diamond Stone, Maryland vs. Perry Ellis, Kansas (Thurs)
    5. Brice Johnson, North Carolina vs. Yogi Ferrell, Indiana (Fri)
    6. Kyle Wiltjer, Gonzaga (Fri)
  6. Despite complaints from friends, channel hopping is a good choice. With so many games back to back, you have to!
  7. Stick with your superstitions. If wearing your team’s jersey to bed for a week before the game helps them win, by all means, continue doing this. (Just pick a different one before you go out in public. We all thank you.)
  8. You don’t have to be in the arena to join in the cheers. Some of them are really catchy. Plus it’s fun.
  9. Shred your brackets. Seriously. Kentucky and Michigan State, two of the highest seeded teams, are gone this early, and all of the No.1 seeds are still in, but not all of them are favored. Basically, no bracket could have predicted this, so don’t even look at yours anymore.
  10. Don’t show up at a friend’s house to watch the games empty handed. Order Native to go and everyone will thank you… on a commercial break.

No matter who your team is, we’ve got great specials on 22oz Miller Lite and Coors Light for you, plus our weekly wing specials. But even if your team is done, you can still come in and watch some spring baseball with a cold beer.  A wise man once said “I love the madness… except when it’s my team!” We feel you, bro.