July 29, 2018 // Thrillist // Dustin Nelson

Traditional wings in Native’s honey hot sauce.

It doesn’t much matter if you like messy buffalo wingsfancy wings, or some other exotic kind of fried flapper we’ve never even heard of. People love chicken wings. Like, they really love them. In just one day — the Super Bowl, of course — Americans eat 1.3 billion wings every year. So, raise a damp, orange napkin to the beloved chicken wing on Sunday, July 29 for National Chicken Wing Day.

The day was first proclaimed by Buffalo, New York Mayor Stan Makowski in 1977 and several restaurant chains across the country — Hooters, Wing Stop, Atomic Wings, and more — are celebrating the occasion with deals for free wings or super-cheap wings.

Take a look below to find the places where you can dig up free and discounted chicken wings in honor of this fowl holiday. Go forth and do as you do. Get your dry rub on or dip it in blue cheese. You’ll have greasy fingers in no time.

Deals for National Chicken Wing Day

Native Grill & Wings
The deal:
 Get 10-cent wings all day long with a maximum of 10 wings at the sale price.
When: July 29

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Native Grill and Wings to have 10-cent wings on National Wing Day, July 29

July 26, 2018 // ABC 15 // Josh Frigerio


PHOENIX – Native Grill and Wings is throwing it back to 1979 with 10-cent wings for National Wing Day.

On Sunday, July 29, the Chandler-based restaurant chain will have 10-cent wings — reminiscent of a special during its early “Native New Yorker” days — at all of its restaurants.

The company shortened its name and updated its logo in 2014.

There is a limit of 10 traditional wings per person at the discounted price and one sauce or dry rub per order, said Adriana Espinosa, public relations and marketing manager at Native. Boneless wings are not included.

Native has more than 20 sauces and dry rubs including honey barbecue, lemon pepper, chicken and waffles (all dry rubs) and honey chipotle, jalapeno, and Habanero mango (all sauces).

There are 28 locations in Arizona, most in the Phoenix metro and Tucson. Other restaurants can be found in South Dakota, Texas and Illinois. Find one, here.

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Roll back the clock: Native offers 10-cent wings for National Chicken Wing Day

July 29, 2018 // Arizona Daily Star // Cathalena E. Burch

And Native Grill & Wings is Santa Claus.

On Sunday, Native is giving us up to 10 wings per person for 10 cents apiece, for eat-in only.


Any excuse to get a 10-cent authentic Buffalo-style chicken wing — we’re talking the kind you get at Buffalo’s Anchor Bar or Duff’s in the Queen City — works for us.

Native Grill & Wings has 10-cent wings to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day.

Native Grill & Wings knows a thing about the way Buffalo — the city and birthplace of the famed buffalo wings — does wings. The Phoenix-based sports bar and restaurant was started by ex-Buffalo residents who are well-practiced in the art of making wings.

So why 10 cents?

That’s the price you paid way back in 1979 when Native was launched with a single restaurant in Phoenix. It now has locations throughout the
state — including four in the Tucson area — and in Texas, South Dakota and Illinois.


Tucson area locations include 11107 N. Oracle Road in Oro Valley and Tucson Spectrum mall at 5421 S. Calle Santa Cruz.

These National Chicken Wing Day Deals are Spicy AF

July 23, 2018 // Elite Daily // Lizzy Rosenberg

I hate to sound totally cliché, but college was — hands down— the best four years of my life so far on this planet. You were constantly surrounded by all of your best friends 24/7, there was almost always something fun to do around every corner, and, most importantly, you could usually find a relatively steady supply of free and discounted food, whether it was on campus, or in your college town. Needless to say, college (and the food sitch) was my idea of a fairytale, and if you feel me, these National Chicken Wing Day deals are guaranteed to add a nice little kick to your week on Sunday, July 29. You can thank me later.

Aside from Thanksgiving, my birthday, or maybe New Year’s Eve, National Chicken Wing Day has to be the greatest food holiday of them all. Between boneless wings, bone-in wings, grilled, fried, spicy, BBQ, sweet-chili, and teriyaki wings, there are so many different ways to customize your order… and the best part is that they’re being offered for free or at a discounted price. Just thinking about it gets my heart racing, and I never thought I’d say this, but Sunday, July 29 seriously could not come any sooner. Get your stomach and your wallets ready, y’all — this is going to be a weekend to remember.


Arizona-based chicken wing chain Native Grill and Wings is celebrating National Wing Day on Sunday, July 29, by offering 10 cent wings, with a maximum of 10 wings per person, according to a press release. Customers can choose from over 20 sauces and dry rubs at any Native location nationwide, according to a press release, so get ’em while they’re hot.

It looks like Sunday is definitely the day to eat yourself into a food coma, so if you were planning on doing something productive, maybe push it off until Monday. National Chicken Wings Day only comes once a year, and celebrating is absolutely mandatory.

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Native Grill celebrates National Chicken Wing Day with cheap wings

July 19, 2018 // KGUN 9 // Matt Sterner

TUCSON, Ariz. – It seems like there’s a holiday for everything these days, but that isn’t a bad thing. 

In this case, it’s great because it’s almost National Chicken Wing Day. To celebrate on Sunday, July 29, Native Grill & Wings is offering $0.10 chicken wings.

Imagine all of the chicken wings you can eat in one sitting? Although, there is a limit of just 10 wings per person, which should be plenty.

Native offers 20 different sauces and dry rubs to choose from, so pick something familiar, something new, or a combination of both.

There are at least five Native Grill & Wings locations in Tucson and the surrounding area.

Head to nativegrillandwings.com to find you nearest chicken wing destination.

Celebrate National Chicken Wing Day with 10 cent wings

July 18, 2018 // 3TV/CBS 5 // azfamily.com // Alissa Miller and David Baker

Traditional wings in Native’s honey hot sauce.

CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – An Arizona-based restaurant chain is offering quite the deal for National Chicken Wing Day.

Native Grill and Wings will feature 10-cent wings for the holiday on Sunday, July 29. That’s the price wings were back in 1979, when the chain was founded.

As for the fine print, there is a maximum of 10 wings per person and only one sauce or dry rub per order. The deal is for dine-in only. Guests can choose from over 20 different sauces from Strawberry Hot to Ancho Chile lime, Asian Garlic to Honey Chipotle.

“National Chicken Wing Day is not just any holiday – it’s our holiday that allows us (to) showcase Native’s roots and why we began in the first place,” Dan Chaon, CEO of Native Grill & Wings, said in a statement.

What started in Chandler almost 40-years ago, Native now has more than 30 restaurants in Arizona, Texas, Illinois and South Dakota. The restaurant’s claim to fame is for introducing chicken wings to the Valley of the Sun.

National Chicken Wing day started in 1977 with a proclamation from Buffalo Mayor Stan Makowski, according to the holiday’s website.

People reportedly ate around 1.3 billion chicken wings just during the Super Bowl and an estimated 28 billion traditional bone-in chicken wings were eaten in 2016, according to the National Chicken Council.


Native Grill & Wings Offering 10-Cent Wings on National Chicken Wing Day

July 17, 2018 // FSR Magazine // Food News Feed

Native focuses on food and being family friendly.

Native Grill & Wings, an award-winning Arizona-based restaurant chain known for introducing chicken wings to the Valley of the Sun is celebrating National Chicken Wing Day on Sunday, July 29.

Native will be offering 10-cent wings, with a max of 10 wings per person, as the Native team reintroduces a former fan favorite special from their early days in 1979. Customers can indulge on wings with their choice of over 20 sauces and dry rubs at any of the Native Grill & Wings nationwide. The celebration will give guests, both old and new, the chance to enjoy their favorite wing flavor or try a new one during the one-day limited-time offer.

“We are excited to celebrate this national food observance,” says Dan Chaon, CEO of Native Grill & Wings. “As self-proclaimed wing experts, the team and I are thrilled for our customers to take advantage of this amazing limited-time offer and try new flavors at a low cost.”

Chicken wings can be seen as the crown jewel in the restaurant industry. They can be dressed in sauces or dry rubs that are spicy, sweet, savory or left plane Jane style and accompanied with dipping sauces galore.

“National Chicken Wing Day is not just any holiday—it’s our holiday that allows us showcase Native’s roots and why we began in the first place,” adds Chaon. “Native was founded in 1979 with the mission to bring flavorful wings to Arizona. Nearly 40 years later, Native is a staple in Arizona with customers always coming back for more. Our 10 cent wing deal on July 29 is also a way for us to celebrate our customer’s never-ending support.”

Native Grill & Wings (or, “Native,” as the regulars called it) focuses on food and being family-friendly unlike competitors such as Hooters, Twin Peaks and Buffalo Wild Wings. The polished sports grill proudly offers over 20 wing flavors – from Strawberry Hot to Ancho Chile Lime, Asian Garlic to Honey Chipotle – which guests can order by the individual wing, as well as an extensive menu of burgers, sandwiches, salads and more. Most of the sauces and rubs can be used to customize other menu items.

The restaurants are divided into a bar and restaurant, with approximately 30-40 flat screen TVs throughout, offering sports coverage for families and serious fans, and a customer base spanning all generations – baby boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials.

Mexico fans watch in Laveen, as team falls to Brazil

July 3, 2018 // FOX 10 News // Steve Kraft

 – On Monday, Brazil brought an end to Mexico’s run in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but before that, fans of Team Mexico were out in force in Laveen to watch the games.

7:00 a.m., and hundreds of fans have already packed Native Grill and Wings, after Mexico slid into the round of 16. At the start of the game, fans wonder if their team would break through to the quarterfinals after repeated failures in past World Cups. After half a game, they held mighty Brazil to a scoreless draw, and fans were feeling good.

“They are playing great defense, small mistakes now and then, but we have had our attacks too,” said Oscar Rodriguez. “I predict Mexico will win 1-0.”

“Brazil is attacking, but Mexico second half, we will score a goal. 1-0 that is all we need. We are going to advance to the quarterfinals,” said Alex Perea.

Here and there in the pro-Mexico crowd, we saw a yellow Brazil jersey.

“It is definitely intimidating with all these green jerseys,” said Mari Huerta. “There are so many Mexico fans around it is scary. May the best team win. They are both trying their hardest.”

In the end, Mexico’s trying its hardest just wasn’t quite good enough, as Brazil shut Mexico down in the second half for a 2-0 win. Sweet for brazil fans, but more heartbreak for Mexico. It was not quite the result by any stretch that Mexico fans wanted, but it did not, in any way, dim the spirits of these fans, as they sang and cheered long after the final whistle.