July 29, 2018 // Thrillist // Dustin Nelson

Traditional wings in Native's honey hot sauce.
Traditional wings in Native’s honey hot sauce.

It doesn’t much matter if you like messy buffalo wingsfancy wings, or some other exotic kind of fried flapper we’ve never even heard of. People love chicken wings. Like, they really love them. In just one day — the Super Bowl, of course — Americans eat 1.3 billion wings every year. So, raise a damp, orange napkin to the beloved chicken wing on Sunday, July 29 for National Chicken Wing Day.

The day was first proclaimed by Buffalo, New York Mayor Stan Makowski in 1977 and several restaurant chains across the country — Hooters, Wing Stop, Atomic Wings, and more — are celebrating the occasion with deals for free wings or super-cheap wings.

Take a look below to find the places where you can dig up free and discounted chicken wings in honor of this fowl holiday. Go forth and do as you do. Get your dry rub on or dip it in blue cheese. You’ll have greasy fingers in no time.

Deals for National Chicken Wing Day

Native Grill & Wings
The deal:
 Get 10-cent wings all day long with a maximum of 10 wings at the sale price.
When: July 29

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