At Native Grill & Wings, we watch ALL the sports! Though some of us get to watch from the stands, and not our TVs.  Morgan Smuda won a trip to San Francisco to see her Denver Broncos play for the National Championship.

Morgan and her Ticket
The Smudas and their “ticket” presented by Native Grill & Wings

Morgan entered our contest on the Native Loyalty App, and was shocked to the point of disbelief when she received the call that she’d won. She didn’t believe us at first, and called the restaurant, certain that she would find someone was playing a trick on her. Instead, this diehard Broncos fan got the trip of a lifetime to see her team defeat the Panthers for ultimate football glory. We hooked her and her husband up with airplane tickets to San Francisco, a sweet hotel room, and of course tickets to the game, plus a whole lot more. The Smudas even got to enjoy a VIP Tailgate before the game. Yeah, we’re that awesome. Jealous? We don’t blame you.


Attention all NCAA obsessed wing eaters! If you’re a bracket-filler-outer, we’ve got Win a Cavesomething you’ll want to hear. See? Read? Whatever. We’re going to reward you for watching the tournament and filling out a bracket. Yup. All you have to do is fill out a bracket on our website once the teams are announced and you’re entered to win a Cave! You can make a Hoosier Cave, a Blue Devil Cave, a Wildcat Cave, a Pinterest Cave, or any Cave you like. We’d suggest checking with others in your house before going the bat cave route, though. Just a thought…

So here’s how it works: the more games you guess right, the more points you get, and the player with the most points will win. You’ll have to have downloaded our Loyalty App, of course, in order to win. But you already have that…. riiight?

And there’s more! We’ll have specials on 22oz drafts of Coors Light and Miller Lite from March 1st all the way through the end of May to include Spring Training. That way, even if your team’s home games are sold out, you get a discount on beer to watch them in your favorites air conditioned Native. Win- win.