Chicken Wings. They’re something everyone eats but no one thinks about how they became such an American party food staple. When did it become a thing to fry a chicken wing and cover it in sauce? Well, good thing you asked! Because know that we do, and tell you we shall.

Chicken wings were brought to the world in Buffalo, New York in the mid-1960s, and Native founders Floyd and Judy Anderson had the genius idea to serve those babies out here to Arizona (you’re welcome, by the way). It all started with a road trip in 1978, when the Andersons packed their 4 daughters into a car in Buffalo and set out for Arizona with the dream of opening their own restaurant. When they arrived, they bought a small local pizza joint, but struggled with sales until Judy had an idea. She decided to serve Buffalo’s famous chicken wings in Arizona and the rest is saucy finger history.

So here we are, nearly 40 years later, with 29 stores serving up burgers, sandwiches, and of course, our award winning wings. We love our guests and our communities, and we wanna be in touch with you, so, voilá! The Native Blog!

For our christening blog post (bring your own champagne), we wanted to celebrate some great things going on in the Chicken Wing/Native World!

  1. Our brand new Sierra Vista Native opened on Monday, July 20th, to an incredibly welcoming Sierra Vista community! We’re happy to see you too!
  2. Rapid City, SD and Missoula, MT! We’re coming for you! We’ve broken ground on both of those locations and are looking forward to an opening before the end of the year!
  3. We’re introducing two new sauces to our menu in September! Be nice to the new kids and invite them to have lunch with you!
  4. Football Season is Native Season. Only 20 days left until football season, but who’s counting?
  5. The Native Loyalty App is Here! Download now from the App Store or Google Play and get a free 6 pack of wings on your next visit to Native! (Free 6 pack for new users only)