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Signal Butte/Baseline Mesa Location

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On the northeast corner of Baseline and Signal Butte

1947 S. Signal Butte Ste. A
Mesa AZ 85209

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Happy Hour

Monday-Friday: 2 PM – 7 PM

Reverse Happy Hour
Monday – Friday: 10 PM – Close

Events at this location

Wing Specials

Tuesday – Traditional Wings

Wednesday – Boneless Wings

Thursday – Native Style Strippers



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Thomas H.




Excellent wings (and other food).  The wings they have here are outstanding.  I don’t know what I’ve been estimating in California but these were wonderful.  We had several different orders of wings at our table which were perfectly spiced and produced a great need for hand wipes and napkins.  The Honey Dijon (?) was excellent and so were the different barbecue sauces we had ours cooked in.  They came out perfect, were chewy, succulent, and left us wanting more.


Beer prices are good, but they didn’t have a wide number of brands on tap.  What I purchased was very good, but I didn’t like it — purely a personal choice, and had nothing to do with the beer.  My second choice was very good.


One thing I do want to say about their beer: it was chilled absolutely ice cold!  (What bar in Phoenix, you might ask, sells beer that’s not cold enough?  Most of them, I’m afraid.)  Any colder and we would have had frostbite on our hands.  It was perfect for S very hot afternoon.


Very good customer service.


Excellent food (everything that we tried, at least).


Moderately expensive (but what isn’t any more?). Ya get whatcha pay for, yanno?


I’ll always remember this as the place with the red-hot wings and the ice-cold beer!

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