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The Native Grill & Wings Home Office receives valuable guest feedback every day, however, this past September, the Native office received what may be the best kind of feedback from a guest, explaining why Native is her favorite place to eat.

The letter came from Brianna, 12, an elementary school student in Phoenix, Arizona.

The letter read:

Dear Native New Yorker


My name is Brianna and I am a fifth grader in Phoenix, Arizona. I am writing this letter because I love your company and your famous wings. 


I know that your company works really hard. I’m pretty sure that on Friday’s you guys work hard. That’s when people come more cause they get the work off. You guys also have to work hard about the food tasting the same. You guys must need to hire a lot of people. I love Native New Yorker because of their famous wings. They are the most delicious thing ever. When my parents ask my family where should we eat, I always say Native New Yorker. They also have my favorite drink, Dr. Pepper. 


I love the fries there too. I love that they don’t take too long for the table. I like that you guys don’t put too much salt or too little salt on my fries. Your company lets people eat outside, that is so much fun. 


I want your company to keep up its work the best as you can. I love how it is. If you made it this far, good job!


Thank you for everything you’re doing, you may not know me but I come every Friday. 


Thank you!



We love hearing our guests feedback but getting this letter was extra special!

After receiving this letter, the Native Home Office visited Brianna and her class to say thank you for the wonderful note and to bring them some treats. Welcome to the #NativeFamily, Brianna!