Some people love scaring friends on Halloween. Some people love carrying around life-size teddy bears on Valentine’s Day. But there are some people who love eating chicken wings on National Chicken Wing Day, and those are our kind of peeps! Miah Saucy SelfieThis year, our favorite holiday falls on Friday, July 29th, and we’re going to offer you a way to WIN FREE CHICKEN WINGS. FOR A YEAR. Interested? Thought so. Read on, fellow wing noshers. You’re gonna like this.

So here’s how this works. You come in on Friday, July 29th for all of your favorite wings, and all you have to do is take a picture with your wings and tag it as your #NativeSaucySelfie on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And that’s it! We’ll pick a winner on Monday, Couple Saucy SelfieAugust 1st, and that winner will receive FREE Native chicken wings for a year!

Think you can manage all that? Of course you can! Grab some friends and take a group selfie, though we won’t help to referee who gets the free wings if you win! See you next Friday!