“The Game is On”10-19-15 GHOST Challenge

Hello fellow wing eaters! Can you believe that Halloween is just days away? Instead of spooking you with witches and bats and cemeteries (OH MY!), the ghouls at Native have come up with something extra special to scare your pants off this Halloween. Native has launched its first ever GHOST Challenge, featuring our ridiculously hot GHOST wing sauce. It started on Sunday and goes through Halloween.

THE GHOST sauce is made from the ghost pepper, which is found in India, and is crazy hotter than jalapeños. The people who make a living measuring pepper hotness use a measurement called a Scoville unit. Just for reference, a bell pepper has a heat of 0 Scoville units, and a jalapeño pepper has anywhere from 2,500 – 8,000 Scoville units. A ghost pepper has a range of 855,000-1,401,427 Scoville units. It’s so hot that the Indian government uses it to make military grade smoke bombs. [1] So naturally, we thought it would be a perfect pepper to put into a wing sauce.

So here’s how the challenge works. First, order THE GHOST wing; not too bad so far. Then, have a friend or family member take a photo or a video of your reaction to the inferno you just put in your mouth.  Post your photo or video on our Facebook or tag us on Twitter or Instagram, but don’t forget the #NativeGhostChallenge. That’s really important because that hashtag enters you to win a $50 gift card to Native Grill & Wings. The best/most pained/most hilarious photo or video will win, so don’t hold back!

We’re all really looking forward to this, so don’t let us down. If it helps you feel better, some of us Native ghouls have posted our reactions to this challenge, too. I won’t tell you which is mine, but come on, if we can handle it, you can handle it.

RIP Tastebuds.

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Footnote, because we’re fancy. And we’re not plagiarists.

[1] Ghost Pepper: A Fiery Pepper with a Hot Following. (2015). Retrieved October 2, 2015, from http://www.pepperscale.com/ghost-pepper/

Disclaimer: Try at your own risk. It’s gonna be hot.