Welcome 2016! New Year, New Me. Okay, maybe not so much. If we chose not to eat healthy in December, what difference is January going to make? But props to those who can do it!

So football certainly didn’t disappoint as we kicked off 2016. (Get it? Sometimes we’re funny.)  As the last four teams in the fight for the chance to play in the Big Game, faithful fans and bandwagoners alike are going to be glued to their TVs this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed, people.

For those diehards having a party no matter who makes it into the Big Game, you’re gonna need some food to feed your crowd. You all know we offer ToGo orders, but if you haven’t checked out our Party Platter menus, boy, are you missing out. Go look. Right now. And then come back. We’ll wait.wsm 056




Good, you’re back. See, we can take care of your party no matter what the size. Even if it’s just you and your dad watching the Big Game. Your house or ours, we’ve got your back.