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Best Wings – Whether fried, battered, smoked, naked or slathered in sauce, chicken wings are the perfect food staple for the big game or a quick bite. We’ve found the 30 worthiest wings joints in the 918. Stock up on wet wipes. 

You know you love them: those small bits of chicken, braised in sauce and served up as you hang with your best buddies watching the game at your favorite Green Country watering hole. The mighty chicken wing is a classic, go-to appetizer for good reason. They’re tasty, messily fun, come in so many flavors, and can easily feed just you or your whole crew of friends.

Believe it or not, wings were supposedly invented in — where else? — Buffalo, N.Y., when Teressa Bellissmo received a supply of chicken wings rather than chicken necks, and was forced to improvise. Whether true or not, the story reminds us that chicken wings are a brilliant use of what is otherwise a sadly overlooked part of the bird.

The average American eats around 90 wings a year. At around six wings per serving, that’s at least 15 times you’ll be enjoying this fun appetizer around town. And with the football season about to kick off, what better time is there to explore the best T-Town has to offer? So, we bit the bullet and ate our way around Green Country to give you this list of the best wings you can eat around these parts.

Native Grill & Wings
10804 E. 71st | Tulsa
Located just north of the Cinemark Tulsa and IMAX off 71st, Native Grill & Wings abounds with delicious-looking combinations of sandwiches (California Cluck, meatball sub), salads, sliders, burgers and, yes, pizza. But if it’s wings you want, it’s wings you can get. Native takes the basic concept of wings and runs it through an abundance of variations. Their menu features some traditional flavors, and a host of bolder choices as well including The Ghost (which claims to say RIP to your taste buds), Chicken n’ Waffles, Strawberry Hot and Teriyaki Ginger. While it’s difficult to pick a standout, Native goes above and beyond the traditional wing offerings. If you’re seeking wings done well, Native will never steer you wrong, especially on Tuesdays when you can get bottomless tradition wings for $14.99.

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