We normally aren’t ones for boasting, but sometimes it’s gotta be done. Native employees are the luckiest people out there. Especially on “testing” days also known as “Research and Development” in the restaurant world.

“What’s that?” you ask, “Testing days sound terrible.”

Well, my friend, you’re wrong.

Because testing days at Native don’t require a paper, pen, and calculator. Testing days here require an empty stomach, an open mind, and a love of eating (sometimes past the point of comfort).

Let’s take a walk down testing lane, shall we?

It all starts with an idea and, believe me, we come up with some pretty great ones. (Not to toot our own horn or anything.)

At Native, our team is constantly brainstorming new items to introduce to our guests and revamping current menu items. Because – well — we love you guys that much.

Our testing days consist of our corporate team and numerous different food products, blind taste testing, endless note taking and long discussions.

Every single dish that appears on the Native Grill & Wings menu has been carefully engineered by our entire team. We literally spend days tasting, tweaking, and perfecting everything single item on our menu before it’s introduced.

Whether it’s the tomato sauce we use for our pizza or the bacon we use for our burgers, we’ve tasted it all.

You may think, “A full day of eating? Sign me up!”And yes, it really is that awesome – who doesn’t love food?

And yes, it really is that awesome – who doesn’t love food?

Imagine trying about 7 different pizza sauces, 5 different types of cheeses, and 3 different crusts all in one day.

Can you say pizza heaven?

It may have been some of our team members’ greatest fantasy come to life – but we won’t name any names.

Research and development for menus is really one of the greatest aspects of our already awesome jobs at the Native Grill & Wings Corporate office. Not only because we get to try new things all day but we also get to know exactly what our guests are experiencing.

We love being the ones that get the first glance and taste of all of our new menu items and the chance to perfect everything before we present it in our restaurants.

When we go to a Native Grill & Wings and see our guests enjoying the food we crafted, it makes us happy.

Testing days also give us the flexibility to introduce new ideas that are a little outside the box (like a fried egg on a hamburger). While it may sound weird at first, after developing it to its fullest potential it’s culinary genius! *Goes to the nearest Native and orders the Hangover Burger*

All in all, testing days are simply the best days and an awesome part of our jobs. Yes, we may leave the office feeling like we never want to eat ever again but it eventually passes.