For football lovers, the Super Bowl is the best day of the year – especially if their team makes it to the big game.

What else combo’s perfectly with football?

One word: WINGS.

According to the National Chicken Council, Americans consumed a record breaking 1.4 billion chicken wings during Super Bowl LIV. This is a 2 percent increase, a whopping 27 million more wings, from 2019, the company noted.

To try and visualize just exactly what 1.4 billion chicken wings looks like – the National Chicken Council drew up these comparisons:

More ways to visualize 1.4 billion chicken wings…

  • Every player in the NFL, including the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, would have to consume 825,000 wings each to reach 1.4 billion
  • 175 million pounds of wings weighs 1,500 times as much as the entire 49ers team and three of their team buses
  • 1.4 billion wings could circle the circumference of the Earth 3 times
  • 1.4 billion wings are enough to give every attendee of every Super Bowl since 1967 each 342 wings
  • 1.4 billion wings laid end to end would stretch the entire Florida coastline, home of Super Bowl LIV, more than 9 times
  • If each of the 1.4 billion wings were counted as one second, they would equal about 45 years

We get it, everyone LOVES wings, and they seem to love them a little bit extra during the Super Bowl.

Our team visited Fox 10 Phoenix to show them how to make the best, most perfect, game day wings as well as our signature Native Buffalo Fries! Watch below!

Source: National Chicken Council