July 23, 2018 // Elite Daily // Lizzy Rosenberg

I hate to sound totally cliché, but college was — hands down— the best four years of my life so far on this planet. You were constantly surrounded by all of your best friends 24/7, there was almost always something fun to do around every corner, and, most importantly, you could usually find a relatively steady supply of free and discounted food, whether it was on campus, or in your college town. Needless to say, college (and the food sitch) was my idea of a fairytale, and if you feel me, these National Chicken Wing Day deals are guaranteed to add a nice little kick to your week on Sunday, July 29. You can thank me later.

Aside from Thanksgiving, my birthday, or maybe New Year’s Eve, National Chicken Wing Day has to be the greatest food holiday of them all. Between boneless wings, bone-in wings, grilled, fried, spicy, BBQ, sweet-chili, and teriyaki wings, there are so many different ways to customize your order… and the best part is that they’re being offered for free or at a discounted price. Just thinking about it gets my heart racing, and I never thought I’d say this, but Sunday, July 29 seriously could not come any sooner. Get your stomach and your wallets ready, y’all — this is going to be a weekend to remember.


Elite Daily - Native Grill & Wings - 10 cent Wings

Arizona-based chicken wing chain Native Grill and Wings is celebrating National Wing Day on Sunday, July 29, by offering 10 cent wings, with a maximum of 10 wings per person, according to a press release. Customers can choose from over 20 sauces and dry rubs at any Native location nationwide, according to a press release, so get ’em while they’re hot.

It looks like Sunday is definitely the day to eat yourself into a food coma, so if you were planning on doing something productive, maybe push it off until Monday. National Chicken Wings Day only comes once a year, and celebrating is absolutely mandatory.

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