Well, here we are again. Desperately longing for the days of 80 degrees, as we watch our car thermometers hop up into painfully high temperatures. Or even worse, they still are high 70s with 70% humidity. Because we all wanted to look like extras in a Broadway production of the Lion King…

As we attempt to combat either sticky hot or just burning hot, you’re probably looking for options to help stay cool, and we’re more than happy to help suggest our Top 5 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer for you.

1.Tropical Screwdriver

Trop Screwdriver LR

The Tropical Screwdriver is fresh and invigorating! It’s a fruity concoction of Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice, and the best part, it’s topped off with Red Bull Yellow Edition (Tropical). Between the sweet citrus juices and the pop of the Red Bull, this drink is perfect for summer. Plus the cool coloring doesn’t hurt either!  If you’re looking for a something sweet and simple, this is definitely your drink.

2. Strawberry Smash

Strawberry Smash

Next up is the Strawberry Smash. A rum-tastically sweet concoction made with fresh strawberries, this drink is a reminder that the rum is never gone! Strawberry Smash is a mix of Bacardi Superior Rum, fresh strawberries, pink lemonade, and a splash of Sprite.  With a little bit of fizz and a whole lot of strawberry flavor, you’ll be cool as can be with the Strawberry Smash. Just check with friends for strawberry seeds in your teeth.



The Native Grill & Wings Mystery: What the heck does WWCD stand for?  If you want to know, you’ll have to pay serious attention. The WWCD is a winner in every sense of the word. It’s made with Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, Peach Schnapps, Sweet 7 Sour, and a splash of Coke. Psh. And they say that you can’t win ’em all! Here’s hoping you’ll pay attention and figure out what WWCD stands for….

4. Forbidden Fruit

forbidden fruit 2

The Evil Queen’s apples may have been forbidden (thanks for the heads up, Snow White!), but this is a Forbidden Fruit that you’re gonna want to try anyway. This drink is a sinfully sweet winner. It’s a mix of Crown Royal Regal Apple, Sweet & Sour, and a splash of grenadine. With a strong apple flavor, this drink’s vibrant red color makes it an eye-catching addition to your table of chicken wings. Your friends will want you to share, but you don’t have to. We said so.

5. Blackberry Peach White Sangria

white sangria

Blackberry Peach White Sangria is a Native classic. It’s fruity and refreshing, making it a perfect solution to the red hot summer you’re suffering through. A mix of Pinot Grigio, Peach Schnapps, pinapple, cranberry, blackberry, and Sprite, this sangria is perfect for your dinner or happy hour outing.  And if that didn’t do it for you, it’s also available as a Red Sangria, swapping the Pinot Grigio for Cabernet. Who’s ready?




Just a couple of ideas for you, and if you’re tired of all of the heat/humidity/sweat, pop on in to Native to try some of our Specialty Drinks. But shower first. Please and thank you.