9 8 BOOSTED 2 dollar Drafts

America’s favorite pastime (no, not Baseball) is back and now you’re probably starting to feel normal again.

Every year, thousands of football fans gather in stadiums, sports bars *cough*cough*, and their man caves to see if their team will get a chance to taste sweet, sweet victory.

We all know the feeling –

50 seconds left on the clock.

The game is tied.

Your team has the ball at the 20 yard line and is ready to secure this W.

Then – the unspeakable happens.


It’s over, your team doesn’t advance and life is m i s e r a b l e.

But wait, life doesn’t actually suck. Why? Keep reading.

We have good news. Whether your team is winning or losing, Native has the best game day combo to cure your sorrows.

It’s something we like to call “Your Team May Suck but $2 Beers Don’t.” (Cue the lights)

You read that correctly, every SUNDAY during football season, 12 oz. Bud Light drafts are only $2!

It’s like the Native Grill & Wings gods, the Football gods and the Beer gods all came together to make your life a majestic dream every Sunday.

So, what better way to enjoy game day than to be surrounded by wings, beer, and multiple TVs?

There isn’t any better way; that was a trick question.

Click here to find Your Native and thank us later.

Happy Football!